Top 20 Breastfeeding Benefits For Baby And Mother

    Benefits of breastfeeding are unique. And with ongoing research, the list of breastfeeding benefits grow longer every day.
    Here’s why doctors recommend exclusive breastfeeding for every baby.

    breastfeeding benefits for baby and mother
    Breastfeeding benefits for baby and mother

    Breastfeeding Protects Your Baby

    1. Protects against respiratory infections

    Breast milk is full of immunity boosting Secretary Immunoglobulin A, Lactoferrin, Soluble CD14 and Cytokines which helps your baby fight off infections.
    Exclusive breastfeeding decreases the risk of pneumonia by 72%.
    Babies who are not exclusively breastfed until 6 months have 4 times greater risk of pneumonia.

    2. Protects against ear and throat infections

    Exclusively breastfed babies have 50% less risk of ear infections and 63% less risk of cold and throat infections.

    3. Protects against diarrhea

    Breast milk makes a protective covering in the gut of your baby. Oligosaccharides in breast milk grow good bacteria in the baby’s gut. These good bacteria prevent growth of infectious bacteria.
    So breastfed babies have 64% less risk of diarrhea.

    4. Protects from allergies

    Breastfed babies have 42% less risk of Asthma and Allergic Dermatitis.
    Breastfeeding protects your baby from food allergies.

    5. Protects from celiac disease

    Babies who breastfeed at the time of gluten exposure have 52% less risk of Celiac Disease.

    6. Reduces the risk of inflammatory bowel disease by 31%

    7. Up to 30% less risk of obesity later in life

    8. Protects from diabetes

    Breastfed babies have up to 30% less risk of Type 1 Diabetes and up to 40% less risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

    9. Protects against childhood cancers

    Breast milk has α-lactalbumin which makes HAMLET complex in baby’s gut to kill cancer cells.
    Breastfed babies have 20% less risk of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and 15% less risk of Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

    10. Protects from cot death

    Breastfed babies have 36% less risk of unexplained death called as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or cot death.

    11. Breastfeeding Boosts Your Baby’s Intelligence

    Learning power and intelligence of a child depends on parent education, home environment and many other factors – breastfeeding is one.
    Babies entirely breastfed up to 6 months age can understand better, learn better and are less hyperactive.

    12. Breast Milk Is The Lifeline For A Preterm Baby

    Besides optimum nutrition for the growth, breast milk boosts baby’s immunity which protects against serious infections.
    Platelet-activating factor-acetyl hydrolase found in breast milk protects preemies against Necrotizing Enterocolitis – a serious gut infection. Breast milk is the only proven medicine which prevents Necrotizing Enterocolitis.
    Preemies getting breast milk in NICU have more brain volume and less risk of severe Retinopathy of Prematurity – a potentially blinding disease of premature babies.

    Mother’s milk saves the life of her preterm baby. But if the mother of a preemie cannot give her breast milk for unexpected reasons, we feed donor mother’s milk. Human Milk Banks receive donated milk from mothers having an extra supply, process and distribute it free of cost for the treatment of sick preterms.

    Learn more about Human Milk Banks.

    Breastfeeding Helps Mother Stay Healthy

    13. Faster recovery after delivery

    Oxytocin hormone produced while breastfeeding stops postpartum bleeding and helps the uterus heal faster.

    14. Reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer

    Breastfeeding for over 1 year decreases the risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer by 28%.

    15. Less risk of type 2 diabetes

    Every year of breastfeeding lowers your risk of diabetes by about 8%.

    16. Less risk of rheumatoid arthritis

    17. Less risk of hypertension and heart diseases

    18. Breastfeeding helps mothers get in shape

    By using extra 500 calories a day, breastfeeding mothers lose extra 1.4 kilograms over 6 months.

    19. Breastfeeding helps avoid preterm birth

    Keep breastfeeding to avoid a second pregnancy too soon. Less child spacing causes preterm delivery.

    20. Breastfeeding – the key to happiness

    Breastfed babies love their mothers and have less behavioral problems in childhood.

    Breastfeeding can be a challenge for most first-time mothers – specially in the first few days. But no great thing comes without a challenge! With some help and positive thinking, all mothers can breastfeed. Happy breastfeeding!

    Scientific comparison of breast milk with formula and cow milk.

    Learn more about health benefits of breastfeeding for you and your baby.

    Benefits of breastfeeding (NIH)

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