How To Check Your Baby’s Temperature

    Every parent should know how to check their baby’s temperature. Here’s why:

    1. “Is my baby having a fever?”
      Kids develop fever from time to time. You should know when to visit a doctor. And for this, you need to check and note your baby’s temperature – it also helps the doctor to identify your baby’s illness.
    2. Newborn babies are too sensitive to cold. You need to check your baby’s temperature regularly to make sure your baby is well protected from cold.

    How to Check Baby’s Temperature

    1. With your hands

      Make sure your hands are clean, dry and warm.
      Feel your baby’s temperature with the back of your hand.
      Check over your baby’s belly and palms and soles. All three places should feel warm.
      Regularly check your baby’s temperature with hands.
      Check the temperature with a thermometer if your baby feels cold or too hot.

    2. With a thermometer

      checking baby temperature using digital thermometer
      Digital thermometer can give a more accurate temperature.
      Turn on the thermometer. Place its sensor in the baby’s armpit. Gently hold baby’s arm against the body.
      Check the reading when the thermometer beeps, usually in about 1-2 minutes.
      Normal temperature is between 36.5 and 37.5°C (97.7 to 99.5°F).

    What to do if your baby has a fever?

    • Your baby has a fever if her/his temperature is 100°F (37.7°C) or more.
    • Consult a kids’ doctor if your baby has a fever. Doctor will assess your baby’s clinical condition and start treatment.
    • Do not expect a lot of medicines or blood investigations for a simple fever. The most common cause of fever is viral infections. And most viral fevers have a natural course of 2-3 days after which they subside. Antibiotics have no role in the treatment of viral fever.

    What to do if the baby feels cold?

    • Act immediately if the palms and soles of your newborn baby feel cold to touch.
    • Remove wet clothes.
    • Increase room temperature to 28°C or more. Make sure there is no airflow in baby’s room.
    • Check baby’s temperature with a digital thermometer.
    • If baby’s temperature is more than 36°C:
      • Keep your baby in skin-to-skin contact (Learn How)
      • Breastfeed your baby
      • Recheck baby’s temperature after 30 minutes
    • Immediately consult your baby’s doctor if:
      • Baby’s temperature is less than 36°C, or
      • Baby is not breastfeeding well, or
      • Baby’s temperature does not improve after 30 minutes of skin-to-skin contact

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    Check how to take baby’s temperature on NHS website.

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