Sure Signs That Your Baby Is Hungry And Asking For Breast

    Babies should cry when hungry, right? Guess again! They shouldn’t. Hungry babies signal their mothers long before they cry. And after spending some time together, you would easily guess your baby’s hunger cues. Avoid letting your baby cry hungry. It is difficult to latch a crying baby to breast. Breastfeed when the baby shows hunger signs. Here’s how your baby will signal when hungry.

    hunger signs of baby
    Hunger signs of baby
    How do I know if my baby is hungry

    Signs your baby is hungry:
    – Actively searches for breast while licking lips.
    – Starts sucking hands or anything near mouth if you don’t offer breast. May eat you if you are nearby!
    – Clenches fists forewarning you – breastfeed now or face consequences!

    How do I know my baby is full

    Signs your baby is full:
    – Releases breast and turns away.
    – Relaxes and sleeps.
    – Sleeps for 2-3 hours but that’s not sure. May ask feed anytime. Be ready to breastfeed again!

    Breastfeed as soon as your baby shows these hunger signs

    Despite watching for hunger signs and on-demand feeding, you may sometimes miss your baby’s early feeding cues. Hungry baby will start crying and may not latch easily to breast. Here is how to calm your baby before latching.

    • Check your baby’s nappy and change if wet.
    • Swaddle your baby – wrap them in a sheet keeping their arms and legs straight. It comforts them.
    • Your baby is more comfortable sitting – curl them in a sitting posture and gently rock for a while.
    • Offer breast – insert your nipple and a good part of areola into baby’s mouth. Baby will move a lot and may not suck immediately but keep trying.
    • Soon, your baby will suck for a few seconds and start crying again. This is normal and expected when the baby is too irritable. Keep calm and continue offering breast. After a few tries, the baby will suck continuously and finally attach deeply.

    Getting used to each other’s habits during the first few days can be challenging. Breastfeed whenever your baby asks and don’t forget frequent night feedings. Post your questions and suggestions in the comment section below. Keep calm and breastfeed!

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